"The strength of knowledge emerges in sharing and expands in humanity"


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    Our association

    “The Conveyors of Knowledge” (“Les Militants des Savoirs”) is an association which aims to contribute to popular education and open up academic knowledge to the urgent needs of the population. The association was created 10 years ago by 3 academics, and has always been committed to the Anna Lindh Foundation for Peace and Culture in the Mediterranean. In response to the needs of society, we gradually developed tools to prevent digital violence and radicalization. For the past 6 years, we have worked hand in hand with the UNESCO Chair for the Prevention of Radicalization and Violent Extremism, elaborating training programs, audit tools and educational tools in order to closely assist local actors.


    Our Missions

    This popular education association was created 12 years ago to promote all forms of knowledge dissemination for the benefit of the people and to tackle all forms of extremism. We work on a daily basis to educate families, citizens and young people about the risks of radicalization and violent action.


    Our objectives

    We wish to promote the values of the Republic, educate about fraternity and peace, and tackle radicalization leading to violence and terrorism. To do so, we engage with various actors: citizens, professionals, academics, researchers and political stakeholders and policy makers. The association works with teachers, educators, political leaders and young people to promote action-based and artistic education.

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    The principles of the association

    Our association aims to support or manage local, regional, national or international projects which promote new forms of mediation or skill acquisition, and enable young people to appropriate the values of the republic and to tackle extremism.

    - Our practical interventions aim to disseminate academic and basic knowledge by organising events and creating resources and initiatives.- We offer human, logistical and financial support, to promote the emergence of knowledge.

    - We promote active citizenship, both sharing and acquiring knowledge through mutual civic exchange, we work with at-risk youth and with professionals to promote the dissemination of knowledge and culture to advocate peace and respect.

    - We conduct counter-discourse workshops with youth in the Paris suburbs. We have also created a video called "Hélène" to illustrate the recruitment processes which are currently being validated by the Paris Police Headquarters.

    - We conduct interventions based on the values of the Republic and active citizenship with secondary school students. We create YouTube content on the subject of online fraternity, to raise awareness among very young children about the process of radicalization. We are about to pilot a new animated video with young audiences.

    - We hosted an Educ'Lab with young people on the subject of social media recruitment. We created three cartoons called "Sarah", "Citra" and "Adam". This project was conducted in cooperation with the association "Save Belgium" and the association of Research and Action on Violent Radical Counter-discourse.


Educational Projects
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Research Projects

 Our Projects

  • CounteR

    The CounteR: Privacy-First Situational Awareness Platform for Violent Terrorism and Crime Prediction, Counter Radicalisation and Citizen Protection project will develop and deploy an integrated situational awareness system that will identify...


    In order to challenge conspiracy theories, we created a serious game to educate citizens on the subjects of media and information literacy, focusing on news and current events.

  • Mediation workshop for young children (6 - 10 years old)

    The Tintamarre et boudeficelle company combines its theatrical work with its work as a smuggler by proposing different modules of training courses and workshops around the shows.

    tof bd

    In favour of collective creation, we will encourage each participant to express themselves and participate actively.

    vignette qdl

    The word “District” refers to the promotion of active citizenship and collective action against digital risks, specifically among youths. The word "Legends" refers to how much we value chivalrous civic...


    To address the process leading to discrimination (stereotypes, prejudices, inequalities, discrimination) and the importance of implementing a policy that opposes discrimination, we focus on a new gender equality issue every...

 Research & Innovation

Since its creation, our association "Conveyors of Knowledge" has worked to develop research in educational sciences and youth sociology in the context of our partnership with research laboratories, including Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès University. The aim our association is to connect research projects with the relevant fields, but also to enhance action-oriented research. We believe in the importance of considering innovative publication methods and new forms of dissemination (knowledge coffee times, Europe coffee times, Dazibao knowledge event, video, theatre, theatrical conferences).

We work in with various other research laboratories to develop action-oriented research with the support of doctors and experts. Over the last 5 years, we have measured the impact of our various actions on youths, and we have shared our findings with both the Anna Lindh network and the UNESCO chair for the prevention of radicalization and violent extremism.

  • UNESCO: The Role of Social Media in Radicalization
    UNESCO logo French.svg

    Can social media lead fragile individuals to resort to violence? Many people believe censorship, surveillance and online counter-discourse are the best ways to prevent violence.

  • Scientific project - Studying the impact of a scientific approach - the Dinausoroid
    logo SA v4

    This original artistic installation was created to spark debate around the theory of evolution. We collaborated with scientists and a visual artist to try and imagine what the Troodon (a...

  • Compendium of Educational Actions for the Prevention of Antisemitism FMSH
    logo FMSH v2 copie

    The International Platform on Racism and Antisemitism has launched a call for tenders for a report evaluating actions to counter antisemitism in schools, as well as an inventory of these...

  • Walk of Remembrance - Terrorism Victims Fund
    memorial attentat 14

    The "Walk of Remembrance" project aimed to honour the memories of victims of the Nice terror attack. Our association created this project in order to build resilience and include these...

  • Unesco Chair for the Prevention of Radicalization and Violent Extremism
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    The association "Conveyors of Knowledge" is a partner of the Unesco-Prev Chair. Professor Alava, who is the president of the association, participated in its creation. The association has co-organized several...

  • Measuring the impact of educational tools

    The government relies greatly on counter-discourse methods in order to prevent radicalisation and violent extremism. counter-discourse campaigns are conducted to promote critical thinking via social networks and cultural, educational and...

  • EFTS - PRACTICES – Post-attack listening points and resilience
    logo efts hq 2F

    After an attack, youths and families from urban districts often express the need to talk be heard. Upon the request of public authorities, our association has built an original listening...

  • Together against school dropout - Fondation de France
    Fondation de France.svg

    Within the framework of our research and training project, we collaborated with a parents’ association in Tarbes to help promote educational support and prevent school dropout.

  • Cnam: Easmus plus CEDAR project
    cnam v2

    Our association takes part in the action-oriented research consortium led by the Emerging Security and Defence Team (EE SD) at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM). The CEDAR...

  • JP-COOPS project European project H2020 DG Justice
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    Within the framework of our action-oriented research and our professional training for radicalisation prevention, we have joined of the JP-Coops consortium.

 Our partners

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